We love important information. Here is some important information you should know:

DO NOT LINE UP – We understand the urge – it is human nature to line up. However, Festival etiquette dictates that you do not. You will have access and PLENTY of time to visit all the vendors, so please come back to a table later if more than eight people are waiting. If a vendor has a line-up, it is likely because their product needs to be prepped to serve. Mingle! Wander! Explore!

This is a sample Festival. Vendors are exhibiting their products in sample sizes, not meal sizes. Make sure you come ready to take your time to taste everything.

When you purchase a ticket at the Cheese and Meat Festival you get access to a vast array of amazing local and international artisan food and beverage producers. In Canada the ticket is all-inclusive. This means you don’t need to worry about being picky. Let our vendors walk you through their amazing showcase of products.

Tasting sessions are segmented time slots for which you can purchase tickets. Each session is 2 hours. We like to offer a brunch, afternoon, and dinner tasting session. But please check the region you wish to purchase tickets at to confirm your time segment.

Registration is only open 15 minutes prior to the tasting session. Two hours is more than enough time to leisurely walk through the Festival and visit all of our vendors. The tasting room will open at its designated time depending on what session you purchased tickets for. Don’t worry if you get there after the tasting session starts; you’ll still have plenty of time to sample all of the Festival offerings.

  • This is a 19+ in Canada and a 21+ event in the USA. Please bring two pieces of government ID.
  • Please bring your printed ticket (we will scan it upon arrival). If you’re displaying your ticket on your phone please have your screen brightness turned up.
  • Please make sure your hands are free. You will have a charcuterie board, drinking glass, and brochure to keep your hands busy. There will be a coat check near the entrance.
  • In 2021 we ask you to bring your proof of your vaccination status or proof of a negative covid test 48 hours prior to the event.

Please dress business casual and refrain from using any perfumes or colognes, as this can interfere with tasting. Think dress-to-impress but comfortable (i.e. slacks, dresses, casual suits, pants, blouses, sweaters, “nice” jeans, etc.) Please note that the Festival is in an indoor and outdoor setting. This means that the ground will be uneven and varied between concrete and gravel. Please take the ground into account when planning what you are wearing on your feet!

We recommend that you do; we’re able to accept credit cards on-site but it takes a bit more time. Cash = fast transaction! You’ll also need it for the coat check.

Yes! The events are usually sold out, which means it will be a full house. Please take your time between vendors. Two hours is plenty of time to taste all the vendors’ products.

Keep in mind all vendors are providing samples of their products, so each serving size of food ranges between 0.5-3 ounce servings. Liquor samples range between 1-4 ounces. This is a food-focused event; please note that you will see a wide mix of products.

Attendees of the seminars prior to any of the tastings will not need to leave the venue. We will have a staging area that you’ll be able to wait in, but please note that you may need to wait 15-20 minutes. This means you will not need to re-line up to enter the building.

The Cheese and Meat will occur in an indoor-outdoor setting and will be limited to the health regulations set forth by Stage Three of the BC Restart Plan. As a precaution to changing government regulations, we ask that guests be vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated for COVID-19 before purchasing a ticket. To find out more information on the BC restart plan please click here.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the event for any reason, your ticket can be transferred to another person through our ticketing platform. This service is available leading up to, and on the day of the event. Further information on transferring tickets is available

Yes, we will have a cash-only coat check ($4.00 charge) on site.

If the event is postponed we will offer refunds for a select time window, after this period of time expires we will transfer any remaining tickets to the new festival dates.

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