What does it mean to be a sponsor?

The Cheese and Meat Festival provides an opportunity for companies to connect directly with a curious and driven consumer base through education that fosters brand loyalty. The Festival is uniquely positioned to facilitate direct interaction with trending content and a customer that is wanting to engage in the brands and partners presented at the Festivals.


  • AGE RANGE 28-45 Years old


We consider each vendor a partner in the Cheese and Meat Festival. We want to grow this festival as a community and develop ideas and concepts directly from the vendors and the festival.


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The Festival brings a community together by focusing on building trust amongst its attendees and vendors. This trust creates a consumer group that is loyal and targeted to the Festival’s initiatives.

We are very fortunate to be at the forefront of a trend of new, younger consumers shopping and learning about artisan food. e Festival enables our sponsors to connect to this trend while aligning them with marketing campaigns.

Our Festival is built by marketing initiatives that focus on high-reach campaigns that are unprecedented and cannot be compared to traditional media spends. e value of partnering with our Festival far outreaches the monthly spend most companies allocate to marketing.

We are in a fortunate position to help the community that supports us. e Festival has partnered with non-profits who benefit directly from the funds raised by the Festival. We also create funding tools for our non-profit partners to use for ongoing initiatives.

5 partners & OVER$10,000 IN DIRECT DONATIONS to selected programs!

Our sponsors’ exposure does not stop after the Festival ends but lasts for one year. How do we do this? By giving our attendees access to our interactive brochure, coupon program and social media consistently throughout the year. This enables our attendees to continue to align directly with your brand.

Each year the Festival works to ensure that your products are represented throughout the months running up to the Festival. We do this by distributing the showcasing products and sponsors within a cutting-edge brochure. is brochure acts as a tool for attendees and the public to shop for future purchases.

Based on the level of Sponsorship, we provide data sharing of our online store during the run-up to the Festivals based on tracking data, such as pixels, demographics, habits, and frequencies. is data allows your company to learn how to leverage our guests to become ongoing customers.

Whole Foods Market has been proud to be a sponsor Cheese & Meat Festival for three years running. We are happy to showcase some of our specialty products to the attendees in both Vancouver and Victoria. The Cheese & Meat Festival team is very professional, organized and responsive, making it a pleasure to be part of the event.
Alison Lilly, Whole Foods Markets
Cheese and Meat Festival is a fast-paced, exciting opportunity to connect with our target market and introduce them to our cheeses in a really fun atmosphere
The Seattle Meat and Cheese Festival has quickly become one of the most impressionable events for both vendors and participants alike.
Nick Foppiano, Crater Lake Spirits
Cheese and Meat Festival is one of our favourite events! The event extremely well organized and is hosted at fantastic venues. The Festival draws a fun and captive audience out to experience the best of local food and beverages. If you attend any food and beverage events this year, Mark this one on your list!!
Heather Bottoms, She Devil Delights

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Cheese Meat Festival Demographics (72% female, 28% male, 29.3 mean age)