Hours: They are open 7 days a week from 9am – 7pm

“Better When Shared.” That’s the way that Charlotte and Rob feel about how great meat, produce and meals should be shared. Connecting customers with farm to table freshness is the foundation of the Lepp Farm Market. Together, they share a commitment to bringing customers the best locally-raised meats, produce and gourmet products, all in one family-run farm market.

Rob and Charlotte Lepp strike the perfect balance in their relationship as owners of Lepp Farm Market. Rob’s love of farming and Charlotte’s passion for using fresh, local ingredients to create delicious food has served them well in the family run business.

Both Rob and Charlotte grew up farming. Rob’s father raised cattle and hogs, and Charlotte’s family concentrated on poultry and raspberries. They owe their appreciation of how good fresh and locally grown food can be to their childhoods and living on farms. They ate the 100 mile food diet as a natural occurrence on the farm before it became a trend.

The couple passed on that same appreciation to their own family. Their children; Carrie, Michael and Jason, grew up on that same family farm. Before Lepp In 1995, Rob and Charlotte ran the Green Corn Shack. This was basically a trailer they had set up in which they sold their sweet summer corn off the back of a trailer. Even back then, they enjoyed the interactions with customers and loved being able to offer high quality fresh produce.

In 2009, Rob and Charlotte began the Lepp Farm Market. This was a year-round market that offered the best locally-raised meats, and the highest quality products and ingredients.

The market carries fresh seasonal produce and fruit, hand-picked from their farm and orchards in the Okanagan as well as other farms in the Fraser Valley. Customers can purchase beef, pork and free-run poultry raised on their farms. All their meat is raised without the use of additional growth hormones or antibiotics. Our poultry and pigs are all fed on a vegetarian diet, with no animal byproducts.