Terms and Conditions

Surge Business Productions is delighted to have you as a contributing vendor to the Distillery Passport program. The terms and conditions for the vendor agreement of the Distillery Passport program are as follows:

1. The vendor agrees to give promotional offerings in exchange for the use of the Distillery Passport.
2. The Passport will be stamped, signed, or otherwise marked once the promotion has been given to the Passport holder.
3. The vendor agrees that Passport holders can be used until June 1st, 2022.
4. The vendor allows Surge Business productions to use the information given in this document for promotional use and printing material.
5. The vendor agrees that Surge Business Productions is the sole owner of the Passport program.
6. Surge Business Productions is not liable for any issues that arise from the use of the Passport, including; liquor laws, bylaws, and patron safety.
7. The vendor agrees that Surge Business Productions will limit the sale of these Passports to 1000 copies. Personal Information Protection Policy

Clicking that you accept these terms and signing this document show consent to these terms.