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Have you had a Frissant? Or perhaps a better question is — Do you know what a Frissant is? It’s a hybrid pastry of a flaky croissant and a fritter. “Frissant” is Swiss Bakery’s answer to the cronut. (Cronut = croissant and donut)

If the answer was no, it’s ok. There’s still time to check this delicious item off your bucket list. The Swiss Bakery has been around for over 20 years and the next generation of owners are set to bring Swiss Bakery to new heights.
Aaron and Annette, as second generation bakers, have joined the family business. Aaron works with their father on the bread side, and Annette looks after the retail and pastry sides of the business. And although their “frissant” may have made headlines, it’s their breads that have earned them a spot in what Huffington Post calls 20 of the Best Bakeries in Canada’s.

Swiss Bakery has evolved since it first started on 4th and Cypress in the Kitsilano community in 1993. The bakery was moved to the Mount Pleasant area in the 2000’s and has since become a staple of that area. Swiss Bakery cultivates baking in a European style that accentuates original and hand crafted goods, like their Artisan breads, pastries, and cakes.