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Her family and friends used to tell her that “ if you’re not bringing those beans to the party — we don’t want to see you.” Of course, they were only kidding. Well… if you have tried one of her beans, you know that they were only mildly kidding.

As a child in Manitoba, Catie learned how to make dill pickles. In the early 90’s, Catie was making beans in her kitchen and supplying a few of the local pubs. Resourceful and eco-conscious, Catie had set up a recycling program for pubs and restaurants. They would give her back the empty jars when she went to deliver the new product to vendors. It kept the costs down but it also allowed her to be sustainable in the local food movement. Her beans were popular at juried fairs and gradually over time, her business grew from supplying the food service industry to retail.

Catie’s is an artisan food producer. Using all natural ingredients, Catie’s makes a variety of specialty pickles, salsa, hot pepper jellies and fruit jams onsite in its commercial kitchen next door to the store. Catie’s gardens produce raspberries and herbs, while most vegetables and berries are sourced from Qualicum area growers.

For Catie, making her product is about real food and preserving the past. She offers a gourmet product made right in her backyard. Catie’s Hot Dilled Beans ‘headquarters” is located north of Qualicum Beach. In her backyard, Catie has a music studio (She’s also a piano teacher) and the pickled store the “Pickled Puss Gallery.”