Tickets May 1st, at 10:00Am  – Click here to buy tickets


Tickets are $55 + service fees and taxes.


Each festival pass grants you access to all food, wine, beer, spirit and caesars and coffee samples for the value of the ticket.

Our 2017 Vancouver Vendors are as follows:

Hellish Relish Original | Hellish Relish Less Heat
Iberico ham | Iberico Chorizo | Iberico Loin | Iberico Salchichon
Pink Peppercorn and Caraway Seed Gouda | Smoke and Spice Cashew Cheddar | Herb Coco-Chevre
Various Charcuterie
Walter Craft Caesar Mix Caesars
Seaside Gin | Akvavit | Vodka
Fresh Pickled Wax Beans | Fresh Pickled Cucumbers | Fresh Pickled Pineapple | Fresh Pickled Garlic Scapes | 1/2 Sour Fermented Cucumbers | Signature 1/2 Sour Pickle Brine
Arcus Pilsner | Cry My a River Gose | Naughty Hildegard ESB.
Sweet & Savory Macarons
Sap Sucker Maple Porter | Big Caboose Red Ale | First Trax Brown Ale | Eldorado Single Hop IPA | Project 9 Pilsner | Slingshot Session IPA
Charcuterie Mustard | Grapefruit Mustard
Rhubarb Hibiscus Shrub | Cherry Thyme Shrub | Cucumber Black Pepper Shrub | Black Currant Shrub
Capt. Electro’s Intergalactic Root Beer | Sparkmouth Ginger Ale | Daredevil Orange Cream | Speed King Craft Cola
Lavender Lemonade Vodka Cocktail | Vital Vodka | Jacknife Gin | Rebel – Unaged Corn Whiskey
SoCIAL LITE Craft Cocktails – Pineapple Mango | Lime Ginger | Lemon Cucumber Mint
Italian gourmet coffee made on site
Cheese Making Demo
Mystic Pearl Semillon 2014 | Mystic Pearl Riesling 2014 | Mystic Pearl Merlot 2012 | Mystic Pearl Cuvee 2012
Cheese and Charcuterie
Cashew Dips & Spreads: Chipotle | Thai Chili | Sweet Onion Cumin
Variety of flavoured Hummus: Original | Roasted Garlic & Dill | Hot Date
Hand Crafted & Carefully Blended Tea Infusion Kombucha
Vienna Lager – Amber Ale | Gratzer – Smoked Wheat Ale
Magma White Blend | Magma Red Blend | Pinot Gris | Lava Red
Triple Cream Brie | Salami | Crackers | Nuts & Olives
Grapefruit & Smoked Salt Marmalade | Pear Maple Syrup & Sage Jam | Apple & Black Currant Chutney
Various cured meats
Fraser Valley Duck Landaeger | Red Wine Dried Chorizo | Herman Salami
Various cured meats
Various cured meats & cheeses
Various cured meats & cheeses
Fresh baked bread
Gewurztraminer 2014 | Great Northern Vineyard Zinfandel 2014
Various charcuterie items
West Coast Pale Ale | Stout | Blonde
2016 Merlot | 2016 Pinot Gris | 2016 Rose
The Glenlivet Founders Reserve
Celebrity Goat Cheese, Various Crackers, and Meats
Various fresh bread
Plant Based Meats and Cheeses. Pepperoni | Smokin’Bangers | Roast Beast | Herb and Garlic Cashew Cream Cheese
Apple blackberry | Classic Apple | Apple Pear | Asian Pear | Raspberry Apple | Ragged Ass Road
2016 Hands Up White | 2016 Hands Up Red | 2016 Riesling | 2016 Foch

We would not be here without our sponsors. Thank you for supporting us: