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August 2016

She Devil Delights

Contact She Devil Delights to order.Heather, owner of She Devil Delights, can still remember the pungent smell coming from the big old pot in the backyard when her grandmother used to make relish. That was in 1942. Fast forward to 2016, after being passed on and enjoyed by a few generations of the […]

Dogwood Brewery

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11:30 – 9:00PmArmed with an initiative to make an impact in the beer world, Claire Wilson created Dogwood Brewing to be a brewery that is sustainable and environmentally conscience. With years of education and brewing experience throughout the UK and BC, Claire recognized a void in the beer culture in Vancouver. This […]

Swiss Bakery

Hours: Monday to Friday 7 am–6 pm | Saturday 8 am–5 pm | Sunday & Holidays ClosedHave you had a Frissant? Or perhaps a better question is — Do you know what a Frissant is? It’s a hybrid pastry of a flaky croissant and a fritter. “Frissant” is Swiss Bakery’s answer to the cronut. (Cronut = croissant and […]

Spanish Gold Imports

Order online by contacting directlyJudy and Jeff Lilly have Bryan Adams to thank for leading them into the life they lead now. Jeff used to run a concert sound company that managed the sound for Bryan Adams. They toured with him and attended the cities where he played.

Spain was on that list and they […]

Catie’s Hot Dilled Beans

Contact Catie for ordersHer family and friends used to tell her that “ if you’re not bringing those beans to the party — we don’t want to see you.” Of course, they were only kidding. Well… if you have tried one of her beans, you know that they were only mildly kidding.

As a child in […]

Lepp Farm Market

Hours: They are open 7 days a week from 9am – 7pm“Better When Shared.” That’s the way that Charlotte and Rob feel about how great meat, produce and meals should be shared. Connecting customers with farm to table freshness is the foundation of the Lepp Farm Market. Together, they share a commitment to bringing customers […]