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Vins Philippe Dandurand Wines

Philippe Dandurand Wines is a Canadian company that specializes in importing high-quality wines from various countries around the world. With a presence across all provinces, Philippe Dandurand Wines has offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Acting as an agency, Philippe Dandurand Wines wishes to promote wines from amongst a portfolio of renowned wine producers. Their end goal is to make the high-quality wine producers leaders within their respective countries through promotion and commercialization of the wine. Employing over 90 people, Philippe Dandurand Wines is the largest family owned company who imports wines in Canada.

Philippe Dandurand Wines began in 1968 when Philippe Dandurand specialized in the importation of wines for five shareholders. In 1972, his agency expanded and Philippe became the president and only owner of the company. In 1990, Philippe Dandurand acquired an Ontarian agency allowing him to expand his activities into Ontario and the Maritimes of Canada. In 2012, Hugues Gauthier took over as president of Philippe Dandurand Wines.